Insert iOS camera picture into datamaster

Riley Trevillion shared this question 5 years ago

A question regarding datamasters and images.

Currently, I have a datamaster which has a number of preset entries. The prototype I'm developing is for safari iOS6 for the iPad. I've hidden a native JIM upload dialogue box over a button that, when the user taps, will bring up the iPad camera application and take a photo. This all works nicely. Though my question is, is there any way I can take the picture I've just shot from the camera and insert it into a new datamaster entry along with some pre populated information via the 'new' datamaster action?

Last resort would be for me to just use a static image or a placeholder image, but I would really like to use the dynamically taken one if possible.


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Hi Riley,

We are sorry but what you would like to do it's not possible. We will consider in a future version of our software.

Best regards.


Alright, thanks, at least now I know :)