Insert image inside list

protyper shared this question 4 years ago

First of all, thank you for this awesome tool. I just started to use it an hour ago and like it very much already.

I have a question regarding prototyping an app for Android tablet. I want to create a list that has an image (eg. Next item or forward icon) on the right end. It seems that I can't just insert an image inside a list item.

This is a standard list image


And this is what I want

Is it achievable? Thank you.

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Have you tried clicking on the "List" widget, Right Click > Order > Send to Back and putting the Arrow image widget on top?



Hi Marjo,

Thank you for your reply. That (alone) didn't work. But I managed to do it by moving the image outside the list on the Outline panel (right hand side).

Hope this will help others who want to do the same.