Inputs OnChanged events when changed by other elements?

Chris Gray shared this idea 7 years ago

Trying to figure out if im not doing something right or if the software is built like this.

I have an input whos value im changing via a button, and Im trying to catch that change via the inputs onChange event and do a set of actions, but it doesnt catch the value changes.

Does inputs onChange event only trigger when the user clicks on it and manually changes it? I expected to fire that event when the value changes regardless of how its changed. (if i remember right, this is how Javascripts onChange event works)

Ive tried everything I could think of to fool it, set the focus on it before or/and after (setting the focus before disallows its value to be changed), etc.

Im trying to get around the lack of events or trigger commands to save me from repeating the same events for multiple buttons.

If this is desired behavior, is there anyway other way I can trigger a set events via different buttons?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Found the answer finally in the documentation

"The event will only be triggered if the input's value is changed through direct

user interaction"

heavens, seems like every time I think I find a creative solution to solve some simple issues 3 more problems pop up.

Still would welcome anyones suggestion for other solution, if any exist.


Firing the onChange event when the value is changed with other events makes sense. We will try to add that behavior in further updates. Thanks. I'll keep you posted when we know the update that includes it.