In the Interactions Editor, the "targeted" component is not selected in the Outline

Dave shared this problem 4 years ago

When editing an existing action, the trigger (e.g., "On Click"), the action (e.g., "Set Value") and the action details (e.g., "Value is... (●) Fixed / [<value>]") are shown correctly, but the targeted or affected component (e.g., "Select the component that will display the value") is not — the component that is in the outline is an ancestor of the affected component, but not the component itself.

The interactions behave correctly, and the tooltip when hovering over the square symbol that represents the action in the Events pane correctly identifies the targeted element, it's just the outline that is not selecting properly.

Perhaps the problem is that I have deeply-nested layers of components?


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Any idea if this bug will be resolved in an upcoming release? Thanks!


It seems a bug related to groups. I'm afraid the target component is not correctly selected in the outline view when it is inside a group. I'm reporting this bug and we'll try to have this fixed for the next version. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your feedback.