Improve Layer Management

Rafael Veiga shared this idea 4 years ago

Hello, I've been using Prototyper for a few months now.

So far, the software is great and has changed the way we deal with our wireframing and prototyping.

One thing bothers me a lot: Layer management is bad.

Organising a screen with multiple elements in the layer panel is slow and frustrating.

A few issues I've been noticing lately:

-I can't group elements that already are inside a group.

-It is hard to reorder groups/layers without dragging them inside another group by accident.

-Renaming layers are impractical.

-The overall experience seems slow and uncertain.

-Duplicating an element inside a group duplicates the entire group.

I'm very comfortable with Adobe Photoshop layer management, and I think that is a great reference for this issue

A few suggestions:

-Rename layers by double clicking

-Easier and clearer layer reordering

-Faster experience while grouping or reordering layers

Thank you.

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Hello Rafael,

Thank you for taking the time to inform JustInMind of these suggestions. We will go ahead and make note of these items for possible implementation in future versions.