If using Modify Data Master function and not changing one or more attributes, say something other than "undefined" in the final expression.

Kade Schemahorn shared this idea 4 years ago

I tested the Modify function and it does allow you to update the value of a single attribute in a data master without affecting the values of the other attributes. That's great! However, once you hit OK, the expression shows 'attribute =' 'undefined' anywhere you didn't include something. This misled me into thinking that it was going to wipe the data for each of those attributes.


One potential solution would be to simply remove any mention of those attributes in the final expression. That would have given me more confidence and understanding of how the function works.

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Hello Kade,

Thank you for providing feedback. JustInMind uses the current data master action expression to signify the lack of input as a way to give an overall grasp of the changes permitted by the user. Essentially, undefined simply means unspecified.