If objects are in a group and you nudge them beyond the bounds of the group, unexpected behaviors can occur.

Kade Schemahorn shared this problem 4 years ago

I've experienced two different but related problems when nudging objects that are in a group:

1. If nudging a hotspot that is within a group, I can only nudge it once, after which the group will be selected unexpectedly rather than the hotspot within the group. Successive nudges move the entire group.

2. If nudging multiple selected objects (all within the same group), the objects will lose their alignment once they push beyond the bounds of the group.

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Hello Kade,

Thank you for reporting this information. Unfortunately, we have been unable to reproduce the two errors. When moving one elements inside a group, the bounds are meant to accommodate the change and expand accordingly. If possible, we would be grateful if you could provide the prototype file or if possible create a short video depicting this errors.