I have Zero Projects, but am Using 30MB of Space!

Rich H shared this problem 6 years ago

I tried to update a previously uploaded project using the same project name, but the message said to use "Share...Replace". Well, I tried the Share menu twice and after uploading, the space was used, but only my originally uploaded project was there. So I deleted the original prototype so I have none now, but it says I'm still using the 30MB.

1) Can you please tell me how I can free up that space?

2) Can you update the error message from the Windows tool to tell users to use the Publish...Replace menu instead of Share...Replace so they don't waste as much time as I did?


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Well, it seems that, although I had no *published* prototypes, I did have *Shared* prototypes using space and confusing me. So I was able to free up the space by using Share...Manage Shared Prototypes. I still think it was the error message from Justinmind Prototyper on windows that confused me, although I've not seen that error again.


We'll try to find that error message and change it. Thanks for reporting.