I have a menu with some submenu. But in the simulation the submenu does not work. I am designing an Android app.

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The menu and submenu widget only work in web projects, because the submenu is activated by a "mouse over" action.


Thanks. Any alternative?


You can create a widget with rectangles and tap events. Let me explain.

Drag a rectangle into the canvas and change the style as you want to see it. Once you have done it, drag another rectangle to the canvas for one submenu element and change its style. Once you have done it, duplicate the submenu element as many as submenu elements you need and group all the submenu elements. Then, click on the group, go to the properties tab and hide it.

Now, click the first rectangle that you have dragged into the canvas and create a "on tap" event. Select the action "show/hide" and select the group. If you want to include some effect for the transition just select it.

To hide the submenu elements, you will need to create a new tap event but in a different menu element.

I share with you an example of how to do it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6lji0gf3hr...

I hope it helps you.

Best regards.