I can't access 'account setting page'.

Hyeonseok Park shared this question 5 years ago

Hi, I purchased 'Prototyper pro(annual)'.

But, I can only see the simple account setting page.

My email has an owner right.

But I can't access 'account setting page'.

(I can't see 'next payment details' and 'prototyped key', 'Invoices and billing information', 'Account owner'. )

I don't know why it was. 6d9e2082292e13ed51a9af2aedde484d

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Did you make sure you used the 'correct' Usernote account when you logged in?

Some users had the same issue because they logged in with their free version account.

Take note that when you login with your free account, you will only get 10 MB space and not see 'Your account settings' link on the top right corner. However, when you login with the account that you used to purchase the subscription, you will get 300 MB.

Please try to login with the subscribed account. Thanks.


your rights. thx~ :D