I have trial account but cannot use the application

Herdiansyah Rhamadan shared this problem 2 years ago

Dear all,

I have a trial account and still valid until a couple days ahead. But when I try to log in, the app keeps saying that I have to upgrade or use the free version. Is there something wrong? If I read some info on justinmind website, I should have access for 1 month. Is there something wrong with the app or my account?

Thankx in Advance


Herdiansyah Rhamadan

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Hi there,

The 30 days trial starts when you initially sign up for an account and download prototyper. Only one trial will be available to be activated at each computer (Unless you use different email accounts). The reason why there are still appearing trial days available on your online account is because you signed up trhough the browser instead of prototyper and wasn't detected correctly.


Sonia Durán