HTML export looks different than native app display

Rachel shared this question 6 years ago

When I output to HTML, the display does not look the same as when I view the screens inside Justinmind.

In particular:

• text takes up more room in the HTML output (so it sometimes doesn't fit within its bounding box)

• images are sometimes in a different place in a relationship to their surrounding text

I attached a sample screenshot, below.

I'm using Pro 4.6 on the Mac.

I'm using Firefox 13.

I realize the view might depend on the web browser that we use. Let me know if there is a better browser to use, that more closely mimics the native app's display. (In 4.5, I was having issues with Firefox and Safari on the Mac - I can't remember if I checked other browsers).


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Which native display are you using to see the exported HTML?


I'm using Justinmind Pro 4.6 on the Mac, and I'm viewing the HTML output in Firefox 13.0.1 on the Mac OS 10.7.4. The screenshot above is from that browser.

In Safari 5.1.7, the HTML output looks better than in Firefox. It still has some glitches, but much better than Firefox.


You better use Safari then. We'll try to fix it in Firefox for Mac in future releases.