How to save to image screen parts that are hidden by default?

s.roetus shared this question 6 years ago

I have a relatively complex form. Most parts of the form are hidden by default,

but I can make them visible by clicking a link "show details ...".

Now I want to save both states to an image file:

1) the starting state (details are hidden) - this works just by clicking Share/save to images

2) the detail state, when the user have clicked "show details ..." and sees the complete form

How can I handle 2) with prototyper? I need to include this image in a concept document.

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Quick workaround: group everything in a dynamic panel, then right click on the dynamic panel and choose 'save as image'.


you mean I should group the part of screen which is hidden by default within the dynamic panel, right?

But this would mean the resulting image contains only this panel, and not the whole screen including the hidden form parts as I need it.

No way with prototyper build in's?

So I gues I have to try screen capturing the simulation ...


You can group all the components in the screen in a dynamic panel. Then right click on it and save as image.