How to populate local variable with date and/or time selected from the Date/Time Input Widget?

jonlonon shared this question 4 years ago

I searched, but closest discussion for this was getting selection from a normal text-type input object/field into a variable. I could not get those steps to work for Date/Time Input Widget selection (or date/time manually entered).

What are the applicable steps for getting the date and/or time selected from the calendar of a date/time input widget into a variable? Thanks!

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Got this done by following similar steps of adding an On Change Event to the text field attached to the date/time input widget. Since the selection was being added to that text field, I grabbed that field into a variable and then used the variable to populate the column in the new data master row.

Apparently, it was not working before because I was trying to push the date/time input field into the data master, thinking it would populate with the selected value. I assume this did not work because the date and time columns in my data master are declared as type date.