How to open more than one prototype at a time

Ahmad Salman shared this question 5 years ago

I am trying to open multiple prototype at one time. My aim is to reuse what I did in the previous prototypes; that is, I just want to copy and paste some buttons with there actions or other components in the page.

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Hi Ahmad,

There are two ways of doing this (I assume you are on a Mac just as me, since according to JIM Support you can open several files in Windows).

You can do this:

You can open multiple files in Windows just by double-clicking on the .vp files. Mac opens the same Prototyper instead. We are in our way to fix it but meanwhile you can use this clunky workaround:

- Copy your Justinmind Prototyper app with another name.

- Open the first .vp as you always do

- In Finder, press ctrl+click in the other .vp file and select Open with > (the name of the Prototyper app copied).

That way you will have two Prototypers with a prototype open each.

(from this thread: )

Or you can import your previous prototype into your open prototype by doing this:


By importing you have a lot of options and if you make a "template" prototype, this can save you quite some time. I hope this helps.