How to edit On Drag Stop condition after you've created the interaction?

Sebastian Hickey shared this question 5 years ago


I'm trying to create a drag and drop solution.

I create an interaction for the On Drag Stop event so that it triggers a sequence of events when it is dropped on a specific object (Object A).

Later, I realise that these events need to occur when it is dropped on Object B instead.

I can't find a way to change the On Drag Stop condition. Please can you suggest a workflow?

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Hi Sebastian,

They only way to correct it is creating a new "on drag stop" event, select the Object B and create the first interaction. Then, copy all the interactions that you have created with the Object A and paste them into Object B.


Ah, I found out how to edit the On Drag Stop condition.

It is available in the events tab but you can only see it if the events tab is wide enough. My events tab was narrow, so it was hidden away.

From a user experience perspective, I'd consider adding that functionality to the action pop-up dialog (that open when you double click on an action). That's where I expected to be able to make the change.