How to Edit a data grid.

kevin.reid shared this question 7 years ago

I have watched the tutorial on editing data grids at least 15 times and I still cannot understand how to do it. Does someone have some simple written instructions. I want to be able to select one row of a data grid and have the values appear as variables on another screen. Thanks for your help.

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You have to make these events:

1st "when the user clicks a row, that row is stored in a variable"

Create an onclick event in any of the components that are inside the row (any text for instance). Then select 'set value' as the action for the onclick event. There select the variable in the top and then push the 'calculator' button at the bottom. Once the expressions builder is opened drag the row (move the mouse pointer to the left of the row until it turns into an arrow and drag) to the expression and push ok. Push ok again.

2ond 'navigate to another screen'

Create a link to the screen where you will want to edit the row.

3rd 'fill the input fields with the information stored in the variable'

Select the page's background and create an onPageLoad event. Select 'set value', then the input field and in 'value is' push the calculator button. There drag the variable to the expression, then the function 'select' that is in the 'collections' tab. Then drag the attribute from the data master that represents the information of the row that you want to see in the input field.

That's all.