How to display customized cell of a data grid (from data master) on a dynamic panel

jonlonon shared this question 5 years ago

I have seen the data-related tutorials, but I am totally stuck on this basic need: When I set up the tap event of a button to populate a data grid with the first of a data master of records (of 3 rows already manually added to data master), the fields are never populated! [I know there is a simple answer, but my attempts at trial and error are getting nowhere :-) ]

Screen looks like this:

[myDMasterPicture Here] [myDMaster.Title] [Other myDMaster.fieldname]

The Picture, Title and other Fieldnames data, as state above, have already been manually added to my data master recordset.

Now, these fields are on a dynamic panel on my screen. (BTW, all clicking on dynamic panels is working fine to switch between them. I used the accordion tutorial and a bit of doctoring to get a nice simple swap between panels. For now other two panels are simply lists of static data, but that data will also come from the data master once I figure this out. This works fine and I know my set active panel events have the correct panel coming into focus as buttons are pressed from any and all panels.)

I did use a suggestion in one of the tutorials for customizing my cell by enlarging the first one -- the one with the picture -- and then moving the others into the first cell. I then deleted the other cells so that I have one single cell for displaying each record as it is retrieved from the database (data master for now). That made sense and allowed me to have everything in a neat boxed area versus the columns of data like a normal table might appear.

So now, all I want/need to happen is for the first record to show in the grid cell that I have customized on the dynamic panel. The button with the event to trigger the proper panel into focus happens fine. Next I try a Set Value event on click of a button on the active panel, but still no data appears, so I'm not sure if added steps are needed because of my use of the dynamic panel. I tried to answer everything in this post, but let me know if you need more input to help me learn how to do it.


P.S. - please be very specific with steps to try such as clicking this or that, or dragging what to where, etc.

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If you just want the first row of your data master to appear on your data grid, then you can just select your data grid and in Properties tab, set the Rows per Page to 1. Place your data grid in a dynamic panel. Then on the button tap event, set the active panel to that panel.

If this doesn't solve your issue, please send your .vp file to


Great point! I knew a simple (yet powerful) step would be given. Sent you the .vp file since I may be doing something else wayward. Thanks for help! Look to post solution(s)/suggestions for community as close-out for ticket when all settled!