How to delete a (stubborn) datagrid from a prototype?

jonlonon shared this question 5 years ago

I have an old (stubborn) datagrid in my prototype! I cannot figure out how to delete it!

Ok, that sounds silly right? Simply right-click on it and choose cut or delete. Nope, that doesn't work because no matter if I click or right-click the datagrid in the outline, no context menu shows so I can choose cut or delete. A new datagrid that was prepared by the support team to demonstrate how to do a task weeks ago is working just fine, but the old one was still there and I have no clue why I cannot remove it now.

BTW, my work around had been to hide it when the page it is on is loaded by making it completely transparent (100%)! That works a little, but the grid displays momentarily during triggered events to re-display the screen as needed. Besides, a real "clean-up" of my project means getting rid of it completely. :-)

Anybody seen this before and know what might work?


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Is that data grid present only in one screen? You might just want to delete that screen and create a new one.