How to connect different license type?

Parnwad Poonpradit shared this question 6 years ago

Hi all,

i'm evaluating the prototyper for my client. They would like to purchase one annual and 2 month-to-month lisense. For my understanding they don't need a license to share prototypes. The difference between licensed and non licensed user seem to be a storage per user (10 MB vs. 300 MB) right. Therefore they can invite user with monthly or yearly lisense to review my prototype.

Is there a possiblity to update existing usernote user if I purchase prototyper later?

It will be great if someone can answer my question.

Thanks and best wishes


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There is no limit on the number of people that you can invite to see a prototype. You just need as many users as people are building prototypes.

It's possible to update an existing Usernote account if you buy prototyper later but you have to make sure you use the same email when you buy.