How to Change Licensing Server Adress?

kakuda shared this question 7 years ago


we just installed a licensing server and imported the license file. Now I am trying to connect from my justinmind installation to the license server.

Somehow it does not work: I get: "non-jrmp server at remote endpoint"

Maybe I inserted the server adress in a wrong way?

1. How can I change the license server adress? When I start, it already tries to connect. I cannot navigate to the license dialog.

2. What is the correct way for the adress? Is it "myhost:1234" (that's what I inserted) or "//myhost:1234/LicensingServer"


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My question is not relevant anymore. We've got I new license key. Now it works. Cause of trouble: We had to use an other port, than the default port and the license had to be generated for hostname:port.

The correct adress to insert in justinmind is Is it "myhost:1234".