How do you mockup a sliding left-column vertical navigation menu?`

Jon Bluth shared this question 5 years ago

Any ideas on how to simulate a vertical menu that expands outwards from the left side of an iOS screen? I'm trying to create a left column navigation menu similar to that used in Google's mobile gmail app that can be hidden or exposed by swiping or pressing a 'settings' button. Thanks!

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Hi Jon,

take a look to the new iPhone app example

You can download and see how it works by clicking here:

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This approach works great for a sliding nav. Just have one question. When I convert the nav to a master and try to use the master, the master screen appears in the wrong position, far to the right side of the screen. I assume this is because the nav is initially positioned to the left of the iphone screen area? Do I have this right and if so, how can I fix?