How do you drag and drop a whole group of widgets that have been grouped?

Sean Elias shared this question 7 years ago

How do you move a grouped set of widgets with the mouse. (I have created a form using two buttons, a title and an input box. How do I have it so the user when prototyping it, can click and drag this form).

Now my problem is that I am not able to add a click and drag event to the group. It won't let me. I can only add events when I select the group and click again to select a widget within that group. And when I add a click and drag event to it, upon prototyping it, the drag able widget leaves the rest of the group behind.

I need the other widgets, part of that group to be able to follow.

Could you give me a condition if one exists to have the other widgets follow the existing object being dragged?

Any other ideas?

I appreciate any response to a potential solution.


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Ungroup your components and group the inside a dynamic panel. The panel has all the events options active so you can create a drag event on it.

Check the examples on the prototypes at the bottom of this tutorial:


Ahh Thankyou Victor!


how can i set a condition to emulate say, like the facebook app message button, if you drag and drop at the "x" button then it will close, otherwise, if drag to other areas, it will just goes back to original spot.