How do i make an iPhone picker that is more functional than the current widget?

Paul shared this question 6 years ago

I'm trying to make a picker that looks functional on an iPhone webbap prototype.

(the widget is the standard iOS interface item that looks sort of like a tumbler on a one armed bandit).

The picker that came in the iPhone widgets library only has 5 items in it and doesn't scroll very far.

Is there a way to add more items to it? Can i make the items buttons that change another part of the screen? I am trying to mockup a picker of phrases that I can scroll through, and when I select one it plays a video in the player window above it.

See this link:

Alternatively, has anyone made a picker widget with more items that they can share?

Thank you. Any help is very appreciated! 2312a8a546dd195de8bf73e9568ee395

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Just make the dynamic panel that holds the values (the one with the scroll, it's easier to select it through the outline view), make it longer and copy/paste values, then assign events to each values (links for instance) and make the dynamic panel as high as it was before.


A simple Select List (from Widgets) , in the prototype, converts to a scrolling wheel when viewed on an iPhone.