How can we do "when click the check box, Address, city and State values should be same as above"?

Kanthy Prasad Kalepu shared this question 5 years ago

Hi Team,

please find the attached image,

as per my form, when user select check box, the Address, City and State values should be same as above.

can you please explain and send example vp file please?


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1 the checkbox and add onclick event setvalue then click the checkbox,and select the value is checked or not checked (we use checked for instance)

f51418532a6f188f94f01aeb86aa213d add condition,and drag the checkbox to condition expression,and click ok twice.

4. when checkbox is checked do... select the first blankinput set it`s value= the input address

5.else( if checkbox is not checked)

set the 3 inputs below = blank


I tried but i didn't get can you please send .vp file?


can`t upload and can`t reply with url ... u can send me a email then i can send the.vp file to u