How can I test and keep my prototyper demo file on my mobile permanently without having to log in every time?

sujin shared this question 4 years ago

Hello Staff,

I have created a full demo mobile application with Prototyper Pro and used Usernote to share the link with my team. What I need to achieve is that my team member can show my client the demo from his mobile without having to open it from the link again.

When I invited my team members to the link from Usernote, we downloaded it to your own mobile device and then it created an icon of justinmind (latest simulated) which linked to the file that I shared with you team member but today I clicked and it's not working anymore. How can I save the demo file permanently on my or my team member's mobile device so that we can use the demo to show our clients?

I hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you!

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I recommend to export the project to HTML. Here you will find more information of how to do it for iOS and Android devices.

Best regards.