How can I make one screen go to another screen's specific tab?

Ronny Perez shared this question 6 years ago

Well,In one screen I have three tabs Tag Manager Write Tag & Register. I have created these tabs using dynamic panels on the same screen. In the Tag Manager tab I have a list of tags when I click on a tag it goes to a screen that shows me the information of the tag which is fine because that is what it supposed to do but the problem is that in that screen I have a go back button that it's suppose to go back to the Tag Manager tab in the original screen but instead it goes the Write tag tab. How can I make it go back to the Tag Manager tab specifically? please help me!

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You can use a variable to keep which tab was clicked, and then in the screen with the tabs define an 'onPageLoad' event that checks the value of this variable and execute a 'Set Active Panel' action of the desired tab.