How can an event be triggered at a specific time?

Carl shared this question 5 years ago

There is a wide choice of user events from which one can select a trigger for an action, but is it possible to trigger an action when the system clock (in a specific time zone) reaches a certain time? I would like to enable the user to set certain times of the day (in their time zone) when certain actions are to be triggered - analogous to setting different alarms, but instead of an alarm ringing, an action is triggered. In a second step the user should be able to interact with components that are displayed as a result of the relevant action. If this involves writing code, I would be very grateful for a piece of sample code, as I am not a programmer/developer. Thank you!

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Hi Carl,

this is a sample prototype that does a simple action when the system clock reaches a certain time.

A text and a button are set to show up at a certain date and time. The button also goes to next page when clicked.

You can read about using substring on this page:

Let us know if you have any questions.

Good luck!

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