how to remove "Made in Justinmind" part OFFLINE?

ArEs0027 shared this problem 20 months ago
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Hi, i just downloaded the trial and it has ALMOST everything i need I work for a mobile device company and i want to be able to create prototypes and send them internally for other departments to see and check but i do not want them to see "Made in Justinmind" and "Screens" section on top right corner. https://www.justinmind.com/community/topic/justinmind-header-saying-made-in-justinmind-etc states that you need to "publish" it but i do not want to make it public at all. my prototypes will contain internal and confidential information AND i cant make my colleagues to go to a website to see my exports. How can i do it on offline html files?

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To remove the top header, go to Simulation Settings, then uncheck 'include top bar'. Then, go to File > Export to HTML, which will generate an HTML folder of the simulated version of your prototype, which you can send to your colleagues.


nope, it does not work. it only works if i simulate, not when i export.