How to make a sticky element, stay in one place while everything else scrolls

D shared this question 4 years ago

How can i make element sticky. aka stay at the same place while everything else scrolls. Easy as that. One check box is needed, very useful function, not able to find it. Not a navigation, just at one point an element has to appear, like in the example from Spotify below. Thank you.


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Hi D,

Try setting all of the elements of the screen (except for the sticky element) in a dynamic panel (select them all, right click and select 'Group in dynamic panels').

then draw your sticky element outside the dynamic panel at the height you want it to be.

Something similar to this:




Any way to do this without requiring a scroll bar interaction by the user? Web browsers already have a scroll bar, so it's unnecessary to require a second one, within the dynamic panel, that conflicts with the browser's scroll bar.