How can I allow other users to show my prototype

Stacey Rogers shared this question 4 years ago

I am trying to set some other people up to view my prototypes on their own devices s part of their own demos.

I have asked them to download the Just In Mind App on their iPads

I have added them as users to my Just In Mind account

I have sent them the invitations

The email they receive just takes them to a generic login page which of course they can't login to

If they choose to create an account from here then thats fine but its just the standard free 30 day one and this doesn't link back to the invitation which I sent and they are still marked as 'pending activation'

How then can I get additional people to view my prototypes without giving them my login details and logging in as me?

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Hi Stacey,

In the email they will receive they will find a token.

If in the app they click on 'Don't have a password?' they will be able to introduce that token and acess the prototype.

It should be explained here: