How can I add a widget to an existing, deeply-nested group without wasting a lot of time

Dave shared this question 4 years ago

I have a group comprising half a dozen components, nested about six levels below the "root" of the prototype. As you frequently compare yourselves to Photoshop, this kind of "Layer Mayor" behavior — creating nested groups to correctly organize one's work — should be second nature to you. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to add a new widget to this group without wasting a lot of time.

Also, copy and paste is completely impossible within this group. I can copy, but when I paste, the resulting component is placed at the top-left corner of the document, and at the root of the document tree. This is very inconvenient.

1) Decide to add another component to the group.

2) First, try copying and pasting. Well, that doesn't work.

3) Try dragging a new widget into the group. You can't: there's no such thing as a group when you're dragging in the prototype canvas, so it ends up in the root of the nearest dynamic panel.

4) In the outline, drag the component into the desired group.

5) The component will be located at some far-off location, often the top-left corner of the screen, even though it was dragged far to the right of the screen, into the parent dynamic panel.

6) Waste my employer's money while I reposition it to where I had it before.

Ultimately, what would help is for cut and paste to work the way it usually does: a new item appears within the group, located 10px down and to the right of the original.

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Hi Dave,

The fastest way to do this with version 6.0 would be:

1) Drag the new widget on the group and position desired. Prototyper won't recognize the group as a container, so your new widget will be placed in the closest container (Dynamic panel, table cell, canvas, etc).

2) Using only the outline view, drag your new widget into the desired group. Your new widget won't change its position and will be placed into the group.

Could you please check these steps work for you in version 6? If not, could describe the problem, widgets used, etc?