hierarchy.xml missing some nodes

Greg Landry shared this question 5 years ago

I have been looking into generating custom reports and have noticed in the hierarchy.xml file that there are no nodes for ScreenEvents, etc. I have a lot of interactions/actions in the onPageLoad event of my screens and would like to output this data. Is this info available?

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I also just noticed there is no way to get the actual ScreenWidget name from the nodes available in the hierarchy.xml (the text value shown as "ID" on the properties panel).

ScreenWidgetMarkerID is available, but that number does me no good when the "Customized Report --> Configuration --> Include numeric markers in screen captures" is turned off since the number references nothing. (I have to leave these numbers off the screen captures as it clutters up the images too much since I have a lot of objects on every screen.)


Let me see if there is a way to do it, then I will get back to you.


Continuing my investigation of Custom Reporting, other items noted:

You can get comments associated with a particular screen with the following node path


but there is no way to get the comments associated with the widgets on a specific screen (unless you choose to export just 1 screen).

You can get all comments for all screens, but there is no way to get the name of the widget a comment is associated with, or the screen name a comment is associated with.

This path is as follows:


Ideally, I would like to see the following paths introduced:










When I follow the structure and naming convention for the rest of the hierarchy.xml document, the new nodes would appear as follows (for clarity, elipses are used as placeholders for other nodes):

<PrototyperInfo od="repeat">






<Screen od="repeat">



<hasScreenWidgets od="condition"/>

<ScreenWidget od="repeat">



<hasScreenWidgetComments od="condition"/>

<ScreenWidgetComment od="repeat">
















The above structure should also be introduced under any other paths that could contain comments as well.

For example, another important nodeset I see missing would be under the following path:



Here's what one of our engineers said (before your last post),

there’s no node for ScreenEvents indeed. However, this data can be printed using the node ScreenWidgetEvent. The only problem about this node is that all events are printed under it, so you will be also printing all the events from all the other widgets. ScreenWidget name is another missing node. We don’t have implemented it yet.


Thanks for the followup John.

Can you add these to the wishlist?




Ok, I will tell our product manager about this. Thanks.