Hiding elements by default

Mark shared this question 7 years ago

Is there a way to set the default stat of a Dynamic Panel to Hide until button is clicked

I am trying to prototype a similar cart to http://www.crashplan.com/consumer/sto... and am thinking the best way to do this would be to use a Dynamic panel - Our plan is to different subscription terms across good / better / best options of service - please see image attached.

I am trying to figure out a way for the default table to be hidden then to show the correct tab that correlates to the button press - I have tried creating an empty tab which I set to default and then setting the focus on button click, but it does not switch to the tab.

Thanks for any help and guidance you can give c07d922703704eee955eb43378077389

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Figured this out - set an extra blank tab to show by default and then on click show tab.


Great! You could also mark all the dynamic panel as hidden by default and then show it with the click.