Hide the white space (empty) when a dynamic panel is not displayed.

tommy.boisvert shared this question 4 years ago

Is it possible to adjust a form automatically when a dynamic panel is not displayed? For example you have a section (dynamic panel) that will be displayed only if a specific condition is valid, so when it is hidden, instead of taking all the space on the form (blank space), fields and labels that are located below the dynamic panel would be displayed like if there was nothing hidden (instead of a big blank space).

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I've found this post... but it's not simple.


That would be a lot better to have a checkbox in the properties of a dynamic panel, to enable "Auto-expand / Auto-hide". The purpose of using a tool like JustInMind, which is really great, is to be able to quickly design prototypes. A checkbox would be a lot simpler than the use of multiple embedded dynamic panels. I hope you will consider adding this option in a next release.