"Hide components marked as hidden" makes it impossible to select components, even via outline?

Dave shared this question 4 years ago

When the (otherwise very convenient) "Hide components marked as hidden" toggle in the floating toolbar in the Southeast corner of the canvas is set, selecting a hidden object in the outline results in "no item selected," which isn't, strictly speaking, true.

I don't want to have to manually click the eyeball to hide dozens and dozens of components, but this misfeature(?) makes the "Hide components..." feature more a problem than a benefit.

Am I misusing it? Might it be possible to make the toggle act as a "shortcut" for toggling the eyeballs on all the hidden components by clicking it with the Alt or Shift key, rather than acting as a global toggle that makes elements inaccessible?

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Hi Dave,

This is a bug in Justinmind; it should show the properties when selected in the outline when the "Hide components marked as hidden" toggle button is checked.

I've forwarded this to the development team and we will let you know in which version this will be solved as soon as we know.

Thank you for reporting it with such detail.




You can count on me for detailed bug reports: I am becoming a great fan of both Justinmind the product and the company behind it.

On the other hand, you should understand that I'm not entirely "giving it away" — the cost of my bug reports is that I will also file equally detailed enhancement requests :-).



Oh, while we're on the topic of enhancement requests (either embedded within or masquerading as bug reports):

Is there any chance that the behavior of the "Hide components marked as hidden" could be changed so that it behaves like more like a macro, conveniently toggling the eyeball for every component marked as hidden (rather than ... whatever it is that it does right now, exactly)?

Either that or if the exact action of that feature could be described (in gory detail) in the documentation so that we know exactly what to expect from it, that would be awesome.



I'll forward your request to the development team. But for now the the behavior should be:

The components that are have "Hide component" marked (which will hide the component in simulation) won't be shown in editing. This doesn't change the eye icon.

Also, you have available this feature:

If you want to hide 5 components (for example), you can click on the first one and drag the mouse to hide all the components you mouse over when you are still clicking. If one element is already hidden it will stay hidden. The opposite will happen if the first is shown.