Hi, do you offer free educational licenses?

Bryce Firman shared this question 5 years ago

I'm a graduate student and wondering if you offer educational licenses?

I know that Axure offers this.

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Hi Bryce perhaps you could do some decent tutorials on Justinmind using the free version and trade them with the company in return for a free licence. I am considering doing something similar involving complex validation and data manipulation scenarios but would distribute the material, hopefully with JIM's consent, through my own channels.

Even if you can't strike a deal I would stick with JIM, it is in a different league to any other prototyping software currently on the market, most notably in data simulation and events. Unfortunately the documentation is not all it could be hence the suggestion. To be fair most subjects are mentioned in the built in help but step by step tutorials and / or videos showing much more depth would surely help to sell the product. It is quite incredible what you can do with Justinmind with a lot of trial and error and time but would be nice to have a proper guide. I dare say the team who develop this software are so busy improving it and answering our questions that a crowd-sourced manual and / or third party training / guides could be handy for them too.

Best of luck and I hope you get your free license.


Thanks for the suggestion. That's a great idea. At this point I'd consider myself a novice but with a bit of tinkering and trial and error I could probably do some decent tutorials and as you suggest, perhaps trade them for a free license.

Thanks again!


Hi Bryce,

could you send an email to us? We would like to know more about your suggestion.

Best regards.