Help with the Toggle Move interaction.

Alex shared this problem 6 years ago

I am trying to set a toggle event with a move interaction. I'd like the move interaction to simply move some objects down about 50 pixels, and I would think with the toggle event it would just reverse the move upon second click but that's where I am running into a problem.

The second click isn't doing anything and a third click will again move the objects down another 50 pixels.

I'm sure the solution is simple but it is eluding me!

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Any update on this problem? Ran into the same thing. I want to toggle a menu that slides the whole content area to the right with the toggle event and the move by offset action. First interaction works well, on the second click: nothing, on the third click the content moves to the right again and not back to the original position.

Any help?


Hi Jeremias,

can you send your prototype to

We will try to get a solution for your problem.

Best regards.


Thanks for your mail-reply and the hint. I haven't worked with the variables before. But it did the trick. Thank you so much.

What I did:

- set up a variable "menu" and set it to 0

- on tap event check if variable is 0

- if so move content to desired position and set variable to 1

- if not move content back to original position and set variable to 0

Nice workaround. Anyway, isn't the toggle event meant to reverse the first interaction on the second click?



It seems a bug. I just worked with your prototype again and I recommend you to change the "toggle" event for a "on click" event and work with the variable. It works fine.