Happy to see calculated positions, unhappy that they're so difficult to use

Dave shared this idea 4 years ago

First of all, I was delighted to see that calculated positions are now available, particularly positions calculated relative to the positions of other objects.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be using this new feature just yet:

1. It doesn't know take scrolling of dynamic panels into consideration. The position of a component on the screen is obviously dependent on the scroll position of whatever parent dynamic panel(s) in which it may reside.

Perhaps a future iteration could offer "Scroll X" and "Scroll Y" options for components that support scrolling, which could be added to the static positions.

2. "Position X" and "Position Y" are relative to the parent component, only. Consequently, in a prototype of any level of complexity, position calculations end up like this:


Thus, in order to get movable "menu" component to be appear below one of several buttons that can trigger it, I need to manually add the position of every component between the target component and the "root" of the document. This is simply too much work to make this feature as convenient as seemed that it would be. Better to let computers do the drudgery that computers do, and let people do the creative stuff :-).

Perhaps a future iteration could offer both "Position [X/Y] (relative)" (as currently offered) and "Position [X/Y] (absolute)", which would do the work of "descending the component tree" from the target component to the root in order to return the component's absolute position.

3. A combination of items 1. and 2., above: If a component is nested, within several layers of scrolling components, then "Position [X/Y] (absolute)" should also take the scroll position of the ancestor components into consideration, without having to manually construct the entire chain of positions and scrolls from the target component to the root.

Thank you for your consideration.

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We'll work on it


Thank you! I love Justinmind, and I appreciate how many new features you're implementing!


Hi Dave,

New Justinmind v6.4.1 includes the possibility to work with relative or absolute X and Y positions.




Thank you! I noticed that and have already used it! Feel free to mark this suggestion "Implemented."