Give user a chance to correct Label error while error dialog displays

Michael Magoon shared this idea 7 years ago

This is a minor issue, but it is a bit annoying.

Whenever I create a new Dynamic Panel and then attempt to enter a name in the ID Layer field, I often forget to include underscores. When I do so, a Warning dialog displays stating that "The ID must start with a letter...."

1) The text appears to be incorrect. The problem is that I included spaces in the name.

2) When I click OK, all my entered text deletes and then I have to retype. I should be given the opportunity to change the text while the dialog displays. That way, I only have to edit the incorrect characters, not the entire string.

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I still have this problem in v 5.5 when editing the ID of an object. It is rather frustrating. How come it says it is implemented, Justinmind?