Frustrations when trying to Prototype many popovers in an app

Demultiplexor shared this question 7 years ago

I have a Screen that I will use quite a few popovers on (click on button, bring a small screen on top of main content, do something, click OK then back to main content). All these popovers will come up centered in the users view as you might expect. If I have each popover as its own dynamic panel, they all overlap each other and its hard to pick one of them if I need to modify it.

I thought it would be nice to put them in their own Layer within a Dynamic Panel, but I can't figure out how to both make the dynamic panel visible and switch to a layer with an onclick interaction.

Any ideas of a best way to integrate several popovers in a Prototype?

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You have to create two actions, one to show the entire dynamic panel (which has been marked as 'hidden' in properties) and the other to show the panel you want to. Make use of the list of components instead of the preview to make sure which component you are selecting.