From exactly where does one download the 960 grids?

Larry Adams shared this question 6 years ago

1. I am totally new to Prototyper and am working my way thru a 30 day trial. So may I ask, from exactly where does one download the 960 grids? Are they bundled in some other download?

2. On that point, would it be a good idea for me to download all PC/Windows (my current platform) widget files just to have on hand and inspect? To give me a good idea of what is available?


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1. They are included in the 4.5 install. If you go to 'Templates' you'll see them there. You can even change the background template to any of the 960 grid templates available using the properties panel of the screen.

2. It's up to you but I think just downloading some libraries (iPhone and iPad for instance) and watching this video would be enough to have an idea of what kind of widgets you can do with Prototyper.


Victor, yes, I see now. Easy enough. However, when I bring over a widget component, it does not appear to snap to the closest grid alignment.

I have View set to "Grid" and "Snap to Grid", but snap does not seem to be working, with or without the 960 grid. Thoughts?

Also, should I change the grid pixel width to something other than its normal default to better work with 960 grids?

And when a component does snap to a grid, should it snap to nearest grid lines both horizontally and vertically?

Again, I'm a bit of a newbie. Thanks.


Okay, to answer some of my own questions...

1. I find a grid width of 10 pixels works well with either 960 grid.

2. Components do snap nicely to 10 pixel grid lines, not on initial placement, but afterwards if you then click and drag. Initial placement is to exactly where you initially drop, then move to snap to your preferred grid location. And use provided controls to adjust width and height as needed.

A 24 column grid would be nice if someone could put together!! Or provide directions.

"a 24-column grid consists of columns 30 pixels wide, with 10 pixel gutters, and a 5 pixel buffer on each side of the container"



You can try to do it yourself if you like. Just open one of the 960 grid templates and see how they were made. If you check them out you'll see they are just a bunch of pink rectangles placed in the correct place and with the same width.