Filtering Data Grids based on a variable set in a Master

Blueberry Badger shared this question 4 years ago

I have a quite complex model that works on the basis of a contact header record that then has 9 categories of child records.

Each of the categories can have multiple related records.

The prototype has become too difficult to manage on one page due to the huge number of dynamic panels. This will not be kind to the database in production.

I would like to instead create different pages and reload the Master based on a variable. I have managed to navigate from the Header to one of the child pages that has a data grid.

My challenge is that I can't figure out how to update the data grid when I choose a different parent record. I don't want to force the user back to a specific page to reselect the parent record.

Contact - Contains a datagrid to select the record details

|- Address - changes page to the Address page with the Contact details above.

can't make the data grid interact with the Contact master.