Fill list box based on data selected in another list box

KothaiV shared this question 5 years ago

I have 4 list boxes

The first list box contains a set of values and based on the list of values selected by the user, the values appear in the second list box

Now based on the values that are in the second list box, i need to find the matching records from a data master to populate the third list box.

I am not able to fill the list box from the data master based on the values in the second list box

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1. Select the second list and create an "on click" event. Now, select set value, click on the third list box and click on the calculator.

2. Built the following expression.


In my case, I have included an extra field in the datamaster called "list" with the same values from the first list.

Try to do the same and tell me if it works.