Feature Request: Filtering objects in selection dialogs.

Anton Tandiono shared this idea 7 years ago

Hey JIM dude,

The number of data masters, variables and screens in my prototype is getting large and I find it tedious and cumbersome to scroll through objects to find and select the one I need.

One example is when I need to link to a screen or set a variable in the interaction dialog.

It would be great to have "live filtering" and "auto-complete" where you start entering the name of the object and the list is filtered on-the-fly as familiar on Google's webpage and various IDEs.

This would speed up work tremendously. Not to mention soothe my nerves.

Do you have this feature planned?


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We don't have that feature planned yet. But it's a great suggestion.


Cool. Hope it makes it in soon.

To all JIM users: click on the +1 button so Victor has a reason to plan it in. :o)


I really like this idea and would like to suggest that it be extended such that an "auto-complete" option could be turned on for any Category box where the displayed list of entries based upon a stored list or data master would shrink as matches are made to what is keyed in the category box as it is being keyed.