Feature Enhancement Request: "Edit Values" Keyboard Interaction

Rebecca shared this idea 4 years ago

I'd like to propose that the "Edit values" window behaves differently with the Enter key. Right now it automatically closes if you hit Enter, which is very annoying when you're typing a new value and naturally hit enter to add the value. Having the enter key close a window isn't usually expected behavior, at least not in the apps that I use. However, hitting the esc key has an expectation to close a window - and in fact, the esc key does close the "Edit values" window.

So can you set the default behavior for the Enter key to "add" the new value when the focus is in the "add new value" text box instead of closing the window?

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Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for your feedback.

I'll forward your request to the development team and contact you as soon as we know in which version this will be included.