Dangerous and egregious "change the selection behind the user's back" bug

Dave shared this question 4 years ago

There is a bug that occurs from time to time under conditions that I am unable to reproduce reliably, but is captured in the GIF below (click the link to view the GIF in a new window):

I carefully select the "i" icon to the right of the label for a checkbox

The icon is called "Label_3" in the outline.

I un-check "AutoFit text" in the properties panel.

Notice that the item, "Label_3" is NO LONGER SELECTED.

Unfortunately, the GIF is too short to show that this pattern repeated itself for every single change I attempted to make to Label_3.

Imagine trying to get any real work done with JustinMind Prototyper Pro under these condiditions. You're right. It's impossible.

On several occasions, this bug has caused me to do massive damage to prototypes when I made a change, such as resizing or moving a selected item, only to have the parent or an ancestor element become selected, so that any further resizing affects the parent element, sometimes causing every element within the parent element to be scaled to fit within the now too-small parent element. This has led to hours of painstaking work to reconstruct the affected element, because the resizing of child elements caused by resizing the parent is not undo-able, as I have reported before.

This bug really, really has to be fixed. I cannot waste hours of my time undoing damage caused by it..

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Hello Dave,

Thank you for bringing this information to our attention. So we may try and replicate this behavior, we would be grateful if you could please provide your system specifications.




Mac OS X 10.9.5 on MacBook Pro with 8GB memory.

I apologize for the fact that I can't characterize the conditions under which this bug occurs: it is seemingly random. Days will go by when it doesn't happen, then suddenly, it pops up. In the session that I reported above, JustinMind Prototyper Pro had been running for a couple of hours, at most.