Exprission Builder parentheses

Chris West shared this question 6 years ago

Is there a bug in the Expression Builder that puts a parenthesis in the wrong place? I'm trying to do: When ((var a = on) AND (var b = off)) but the left paren after AND won't appear.

What I get is this:

When ((((var a = on) & var b) = off))

And that logic doesn't work when I click the button this is applied to

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It depends on either the order you drag the functions and where you drag them. If you drag a function to the end of the expression then the whole expression will be the first parameter of the function. If you want to insert the function between another function in the expression you need to drag it from below the place you want to introduce it.

To build the expression you want first drag a AND expression. Then drag two EQUALS functions, one to each of the sides in the and expression. And finally drag the variables and the values.