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Simon Tayler shared this question 4 years ago

Hi there,

I'm trying to build a bit of a calculator type function in Justinmind but the expression builder seems to be adding in heaps of 'bracket sections'. I would just like to have (input_1 + input_2 + input_3)

Can anyone help?

I seem to get

((input_1 + input_2)(input_3 + input_4)) and so on...


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Hi Simon,

The brackets are added by default in case you add any other operation. Because if you have a x operation, (a+b)*c is not the same as a+b*c.

I understand that it can be anoying and will let the development team know about this but don't worry, the formula you have will add up all the elements you put in the expression.

And if the data comes from a data master or grid you have an operation that adds up all the values of the field you choose from the data master or grid. (It is under Collections and is called Sum).