Export Valid html/css2/css3/javascript/jqueryand support for percentage layout is the ideal: Not happy this features are not in 4.3 release

topelovely shared this idea 7 years ago

I will like to comment that I'm not impressed with the quality of HTML/css+javascript generated by JiM. I purchased this solution in order be able to do a lot of stuff on my own as an interaction designer. In my part of the world it is rare to find good javascript coders. This is not funny at all! After presentation of ideas to clients. I will start running from one part of the world to the other to get my ideas implemented as prototyped. This is time wasting. Honesty it is.

Lack of support for percentage layout makes it difficult to prototype/design once for the different devices out there in the market.

Lack of support to import .AI files or FIREWORKS .png files makes it difficult to continue prototyping where the design stopped.

If JIM is to be ahead in the market, we need to start seeing more modern features. I'm not happy right now.